Don't be the average IT guy.
Fight mediocrity. Help us save the hacker in you.

March 1-2. Chennai.

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Not so long ago, when tech jobs weren't a commodity, people got excited about writing code. They fired up terminals, cloned repositories and went out of their way to build ideas from scratch. Google, Apple and Facebook happened. Life was awesome.

But then, somewhere along the way, the world got lost in a sea of corporate bullshit, incompetent project managers and made-up job roles.Writing awesome code didn't really matter anymore, work lives became a 9-5 thing and god-level geeks allowed themselves to pursue strategic mediocrity. Today, the hacker is a dying species, endangered by pointless hierarchies, outrageous dress codes, and teammates who are hell-bent on being lazy. But wait, there's still hope.

Save the Hacker is a two-day hackathon organized by Freshdesk, meant for college students who want to demonstrate their talent and smart engineers who are stuck in an IT services company. If you feel like you are one of them, stuck, with nowhere to go, here’s your last chance at redemption. Code your heart out for two days straight, show us what you have, and while at it, win some great prizes.



  • You think four years of college prepared you for one thing amazingly well: pursuing strategic mediocrity.
  • The streak of curiosity you had when you were in school was probably beaten to death by professors who did not know a thing about GitHub.
  • You sucked more bandwidth browsing StackOverflow than using uTorrent.
  • The only reason you bought tech magazines was because of the dual-layer DVDs that brought home more than one Linux distro
  • When everyone else got homesick, you travelled to BLR and won a hackathon
  • Your side projects defined you more than your grade points.
  • You wanted to skip placements, and the only reason you didn’t is because your Dad didn’t let you.
  • Two years at work, and you feel like you’re stuck in a dead end job.
  • You’re surrounded by managers who make no sense.
  • You’re stuck in an endless rut of meetings that obfuscate the simplest of things in the obscurest of jargons.
  • Pay hikes have no correlation with the quality of work you put in.
  • Your dress codes matter more than your code commits.
  • You hate your Mondays, snoozing your alarm a dozen times before you wake up.
  • The last time you worked on a side project was three or four years ago.
  • Your workplace treats you like a replaceable cog in a factory.

Save the Hacker will take place at the Freshdesk office in Chennai on March 1-2, 2014.

Registrations are free and will be open until the 24th of February. You can compete in a team of up to 4 people or be a lone wolf (if you need help finding someone to hack along, let us know).

In order to make sure that we accommodate some of the most exciting ideas, we will be handpicking teams ourselves from the submissions, so make sure you get our attention with your entry.

Once you have completed your registration, we'll get in touch with you over the next few days to let you know if your entry has been selected for the hackathon.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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Three simple rules.

1. You have to build either a web or a mobile app during the hackathon. There are no restrictions on programming languages.

2. We expect you to begin coding at the hackathon. We hope you respect the idea behind the event, and don’t use anything already built.

3. When you’re done, we’ll review your code to make sure you actually built the app in two days. We’ll help you with issues too.

At the end of the hackathon, you will be asked to give a 5 minute demo of your project to a panel of judges. We’ll be evaluating it based on the original idea, the completeness, and the technical challenge that went behind building your app.


We will be offering cash prizes of Rs.1,00,000 (and maybe something else) for the winners.


• You need to bring your laptop or any mobile devices for the hackathon.
• Inside the workplace, we will take care of everything you need - internet, mentors, food, drinks, space.
• You will be expected to install all required components, stack or libraries that might be required for your project.
• If you've got questions, shoot us an email:

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